We don't do colour, we create expressions.

The finishes developed at Vervloet find their origin in the knowledge and history of the house. Our metal finishes are developed for their exclusive appearance in depth, intensity and lustre they add to a product.

At Vervloet, we work with two essential materials: brass and bronze. Depending on the type of metal and format, our creations are either casted, milled or extruded. Afterwards follows the meticulous work of creating the right texture, whether polished, sanded, etched or hammered.

We do not paint the metal, instead the pure and solid material is exposed to a long variety of skills and techniques to create refined and long-lasting expressions. Our finishes are always hand-applied per project and each product is therefore given personal and careful attention.
In addition to our selection of frozen and living finishes, our in-house workshop can develop a made to measure finish for your project.

Vervloet Finishes

Frozen finishes

Frozen finishes are protected with a lacquer fixing the expression. It is the most resistant way to protect the metal for years to come.

Living finishes

Living finishes will naturally patinate over time which allows each piece to develop a patina and distinctive look. The tempo of oxidation is dependent on the surrounding context, climate and use.