Euclide Collection

"Euclide" is a structural, masculine and geometrical collection.The mixture of the round and square lines gives to the pieces a glimpse of clumsiness which makes them irresistibly adorable.
The door handle collection is built with a circle inscribed in a square. In geometry, the incircle or inscribed circle of a polygon is the largest circle contained in this polygon; it touches and is tangent to the all sides. The center of the incircle is called the incenter.

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Jean François D’Or

Exploring numerous materials, the designer Jean-François D’Or brings out their beauty without ostentation. His simple, unpretentious, logical objects appeal as much on for their evident, clearly perceptible design as well as their discrete poetry. Voted Belgian designer of the year in 2013, Jean-François D’Or continues on a steady path of flawless rigour.

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