Clémence Collection

For a collaboration with Vervloet, Belgian interior designer, Pierre Daems, has recently developed a new series of hardware. ‘Clémence’ it’s called, named after his daughter.

This collection is the result of a subtle merge between Art Deco and contemporary elements, between straight and curved lines. The elegant and distinct design will seamlessly blend into different interiors.

Choose the finish according to your style.

Picture credit: Backflash Studio

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Pierre Daems

Pierre Daems is always on the search of the appropriate balance between straight lines and curves, textures and finishing touches.

His love for materials and Arts and Crafts is rooted in Belgium, the Art Deco environment in which he grew up and the surrounding design landscape leaving sparks of inspiration. The architectural, intuitive approach to design results in high-end one-of-a-kind objects and interiors.

Pierre Daems specialises in exclusive interior design and tailor-made furniture. His signature is the balance between vital and gentle, sophisticated and straightforward. Every design has the same tactile nature, reflecting his boundless creativity and a particular eye for detail. These objects, between function and decoration, stand perfectly well on their own and add character to any interior. 

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