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From an intellectual reflection to an aesthetic silhouette. While designing a new door handle for his own projects, the Close Up series of Glenn Sestig became a complete handcrafted collection of architectural hardware. Glenn Sestig created the collection based on one archetypical form extended into an ergonomic yet elegant profile. Due to the combinations of profiles, the Close Up series, featuring subtle and refined detailing, turns out to be a timeless, functional and unique collection. The style of the architect was expressed in the essence of the project, in the material used: steel. A great first for Maison Vervloet.

Glenn Sestig

Glenn Sestig, born in 1968 in Ghent, Belgium, graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in Antwerp and in 1999 established a practice together with painter Bvardk. From the outset, their work focused on extreme precision, on a construction with such mastery of the architectural line, proportions and perspective that it is easy to forget the careful consideration that will have gone into their design and creation.

Glenn Sestig Architects is synonymous with contemporary chic. His work can be seen as unrelentingly urban and contemporary - materials
are exclusive and its combinations are renewing and unique. Each completed work is considered as a minor work of art wherein art and
fashion are essential sources of inspiration. The architecture is no longer a movement in time but becomes a declaration of a global luxurious lifestyle.

With regular publications in renowned magazines and recognition in global architectural awards Glenn Sestig has earned his place as one of the most noticeable architects out there. Early commissions included shops, nightclubs and penthouses in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, but over the last couple of years the projects grew in size ranging from villas to hotels. Thanks to some magnificent projects with great exposure Glenn Sestig received international recognition with new projects from Zürich to Saint-Tropez.

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