Swissôtel, Zurich

Swissôtel Vitality room

Vitality room at Swissôtel Resorts & Spa in Zurich designed by Wallpaper magazine.

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The Swissôtel brand has developed a hotel room concept for the new generation of travellers: the vitality room. It aims to help guests maintain their mental and physical health while away from home by focusing on their general well-being and quality of life.

The room’s interior space was designed by Wallpaper’s acclaimed composed team. Highlighting key elements that define “wellness”, the room offers a clean, calm material palette, soothing black-out blinds, discreet technology and dedicated space for exercise and relaxation.

The Swissotel Vitality Room was created in collaboration with a number of like-minded partners that all share a commitment to sustainability, luxury, craftsmanship and functionality in design with the intention of creating a contemporary, private space to promote and foster quality time.

Maison Vervloet was very excited to be part of this innovative project !

We were even more proud to be featured in this project with Collection Tools designed by Swiss based design studio BIG-GAME for Maison Vervloet. A perfect match of design, innovation and quality handcrafted hardware - like a beautiful set of tools.

Discover the room:

  1. Dubble door, Lever handles Collection Tools

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  2. Side table, Pull handle Collection Tools

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  3. Living room

  4. Fitness room

  5. Hand-polished Lever handle at workshop Maison Vervloet

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