Brussels parliament, Brussels

Window on the Brussels Parliament

Project led by MA²-Metzger et associés Architecture

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The Ma² office has centered the project of this restoration on the reconquest of the lost identity. The challenge was to harmonize the chassis and their hardware in accordance with their construction period.

Object of a true work of goldsmiths, the hardware stores were completely dismantled in order to restore them. The brass parts were cleaned and repolished. The painted rods were stripped of their paint and were tinted with gun metal finish. The gaps and missing parts have been reconstructed identically on the basis of the historical reference model. The adjustments made on the cremones, pumps, espagnolettes and hinges have made it possible to find a hermetic closing of the chassis.

Preserving and restoring the old frames while maintaining their shape but also preserving their materials, assemblages and traces of the past, is choosing to give place to the witnesses of the history of styles and techniques. A correct restoration aims at maintaining historical value.

"Rather consolidate than repair, rather repair than restore, rather restore than rebuild." This is the philosophy that was carried out throughout the project by the architecture office Ma² and Maison Vervloet.

  1. Window pump

  2. Window, Private club, window pump

  3. Workshop Maison Vervloet

  4. Window meeting room, knob from cremone bolt

  5. Window Salle des glaces, Espagnolette

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