Béquille Ballet


Béquille Ballet


Béquille: 127 x 20 x 59 mm (LxWxD)
Rose 1000 (square): 40mm ∅
Rose 759 (round): 45 mm ∅


Polished brass

This product can be made out of the material of your choice.


  • Picture of Antique brass Antique brass
  • Picture of Oil-rubbed bronze Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Picture of Polished nickel Polished nickel
  • Picture of Satin nickel Satin nickel
  • Picture of Oxidizied nickel Oxidizied nickel
  • Picture of Polished brass Polished brass
  • Picture of Satin brass Satin brass

This product is a unique piece, made by hand by our artisans in Brussels. It is not in stock, but you can contact us to order it.

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