Curved wings of an insect, delicately posed against a surface; this is the understated and poetic interpretation of an ancient and ornate Vervloet piece. 'Phyllibert' from Studio Vervloet echoes heritage whilst proposing a contemporary and original statement.

A walk through the Vervloet archives gave designer Jean-Francois D’Or the right amount of inspiration and knowledge to realise that in order to come up with something new, he had to take a step away from the old. 

‘Phyllibert’ takes its name from an insect, the phyllidae, a walking leaf who camouflages to protect itself. 

‘When I was introduced to the vast archives at Vervloet, I noticed one specific piece, a baroque door handle in Louis XIV style. It moved me in all its detailedness, and I understood that I had to stick to my guns to create something distinct’ 

Jean-Francois D'Or
Phyllibert 07
Jf Dor For Vervloet Phyllibert 02 Cmyk Hr

‘Phyllibert’ speaks to that old baroque piece with its elegant detail of an insect’s wings, yet the design thinking behind encompasses further reflections on ergonomics. ‘The inside of the door handle is rounded in a curve that is pleasant to touch - this was an important feature for me to include. From the outside 'Phyllibert’ looks like a simple design but a lot of thought and try-outs have been put into shaping it in the right way.'