_Kindred Spirits

Solid relationships in business are crucial and can sometimes develop into meaningful and long-term friendships. For Vervloet and New York-based hardware manufacturer, E.R. Butler & Co, a comparable history and a shared understanding of hand-made quality design has been the foundation for their now 30-year alliance.

In the early nineties, while researching hardware manufacturers, Rhett Butler went on a trip to Europe to do face-to-face studio visits. In Brussels he met Louis Hamburger, the 3rd generation owner of Vervloet, and a collaboration immediately took off. Both the directors of family-owned businesses, they had a lot of stories to share and a mutual vision: to uphold their heritage in the best way possible. The close relation is now carried on by the next generation with Isabelle Hamburger. 


As a luxury hardware manufacturer themselves, E.R. Butler & Co. recognizes the effort that goes into hand-made artisanal products, and for three decades they have offered Vervloet’s hardware to the American market, from homeowners to architects and interior designers. When overseeing a project using Vervloet’s hardware, E.R. Butler & Co. does whatever is necessary for them to work successfully with American hardware, going so far as to design and manufacture new parts, a far more complicated and complete service than simply ordering products and delivering them to the client.

E.R. Butler & Co. continues to partner with manufacturers who share the same ideals of unique, distinguished, honest, and ethical products, with great attention to detail and an emphasis on the hand-made. Within the field of hardware, but also extending to jewellery, porcelain, and glassware, they carefully curate products to make them work for the American market.
E.R. Butler & Co. welcomes you to their showrooms in New York and Boston.