Narsix, is the idea of a modern Narcissus, a victim selfie, who could not satisfied itself of an unique reflect. Narcissus needs more, he has to have six!Stainless steel or brass, he makes light of conventions; the morning side table, the noon geometric sculpture, the evening glowing pouffe.

Alexandre André

The designer Alexandre André thinks The Narsix as a unique piece or to be grouped in order to remember the hive’s alveolus. It is developed by The Maison Vervloet.

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Alexandre André

Aesthetic devoted to images since his childhood spent in the workshop of family artist, Alexandre André is animated by an infinite taste of freedom. This exacerbated inclination makes him unafraid to combine the 18th and 19th styles, modernist decorations and the contemporary spirit.

But as he likes to repeat it, his client is above all ... the house! Alexandre André likes to transcend a place by revealing its timelessness. Knowing how to preserve and restore with great caution is just as important to him as to infuse the expression of a modern aestheticism. To dare audacity but also temperance.

This demanding approach can be found in its customized creations (woodwork, furniture, door handle, ...) which mark the interiors of its customers. For him, the house enlightens us, but it will always come back to the client to guide by his desiderata and its way of life, the creative process of the decorator. In the end, it is a composition with six hands that will be played.


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