Himitsu means secret in Japanese. Like the secret boxes, this money box seems impossible to open. Only its owner knows the way that provides access to the content of the box. To open Himitsu, you have to unscrew the lid with a coin, what creates a subtle link between the object and its function. The outline of the Himitsu money box is inspired by the polygonal geometry of some coins.
A money box, that is impossible to open without knowing its secret.

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Quentin de Coster

Born in Belgium in 1990, Quentin de Coster studied industrial design at the ESA St-Luc Liège, Politecnico di Milano and ENSAV La Cambre. Quentin de Coster is an industrial designer focusing on product design, installation design, and creative direction services for international clients. He develops a unique design approach that helps to add meaningful details into people's lives.

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