_Workshop Introduction: Manu Puertas

Brussels Mag is dedicated to inspire and enlighten their readers with features on art and artisans. For their latest edition, they visited the Vervloet workshop to interview three of the craftsmen, Manu Puertas, Pascal de Braekeleer and Donatienne Grégoire. This week we introduce to you the workshop manager, Manu Puertas.

Manu Puertas has worked at Vervloet since he was 18 years old, with the initiating role as a filer. This is the first and mandatory position newcomers are offered, a demanding job which includes degreasing, filing, sorting and cleaning. Basic training but which at the same time offers an insight into all the tasks in the workshop.

In the beginning filing is quite the challenge. Your skin is still very sensitive and you can get badly hurt. Fortunately, the skin gets tougher pretty quickly. After filing you choose a specialty, depending on your skills, aptitude and preferences. My speciality was to apply the finishing coat.

Manu Puertas

After years of improving his finishing technique, Manu started assisting a colleague to install on site, adjusting and placing finished pieces. 

This new experience gave me great satisfaction and often took me to extraordinary places.

Manu Puertas

Now as studio manager, Manu schedules the work agenda, monitors the follow-up and assigns tasks to the appropriate people. He is also the workshop’s problem-solver, analysing various issues and coming up with solutions.

Photo Maisonvervloet Jp5568
Photo Maisonvervloet Jp5388
Photo Maisonvervloet Jp5318
Photo Maisonvervloet Jp5611

Manu’s favourite Vervloet piece:

Pull handle number 25, a remarkable renaissance piece with the head of a lion.

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All photos @ Justin Paquay