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How to visualise one's ideas in the innovatory process? What tools to use to materialise creative reflections and visions? Today's digital advancement offers a number of sketching and 3D software for exactly this purpose, nevertheless interior and product designer, Pierre Daems still chooses to draw by hand.

A pencil, a piece of paper and my brain are my only tools needed at this point, this gives me complete freedom during the creative process. It is a personal means of communication and appreciated by others, being understandable by everybody.

Pierre Daems

When Pierre Daems explores an idea, whether for an interior project, furniture or product design, he always starts on the basis of sketches.

For a collaboration with Vervloet, Pierre Daems has recently developed a series of new hardware. ‘Clémence’ it’s called, named after his daughter.

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Daems’ illustrations are not only convenient for the craftsmen who will be turning his ideas into physical objects, they are also a sample of an ancient skill. Furthermore, with their unique expression, they are both refreshing and delightful to look at.