Pride and joy

Our pride and joy, Studio Vervloet, can now also be discovered at The HUB in Antwerp. In a sophisticated and cheerful setting, the Studio Vervloet objects match entirely.

Studio Vervloet was born out of wish to rethink processes and purpose. Now, more than ever, we believe that we made the right call to develop these new collections, based on consciousness and close collaborations. 

The Studio Vervloet collections are conceived by Belgian and international designers and architects, willing to enter our world of craftsmanship and reexamine the opportunities of ironmongery. 

Elegant with character, the Studio Vervloet objects are well suited for contemporary architecture and design projects, adding notable refinement and delightfulness. These pieces can potentially put a smile on your face, by their look and feel or by their startling integration and often remarkable surroundings.

One such surrounding is The HUB in Antwerp, a newly opened material library and meeting point for interior architects, designers and contractors. Vervloet is proud to present the Studio Vervloet collections amongst other high-end brands and manufacturers in the interior design field.

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Audrey, a graceful and feminine Studio Vervloet collection by Belgian designer Jean-Francois D'Or, has been merged with refreshing and energetic interior designs by Maister and Twee Twaalf Architecten. In all its subtlety, Audrey suggests proportions, shapes and reflections which meet both functional and aesthetic needs. Shown here are lever handles, door and furniture knobs in a polished brass finish and a custom-made red copper finish.

All objects and interiors can be experienced at The HUB Antwerp, Jos Smolderenstraat 48, Antwerp. For contact and opening hours:   

All photographs by Cafeine, Thomas De Bruyne