_Material matters

Working with high-quality materials is essential for any architect, knowing that the surfaces and products put in place will stay beautiful and functional for a long time. Vervloet now welcomes architects at The Hub, a library of excellent materials and design products, a space for creatives to get inspired by a brand-new and up-to-date interior experience.

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With today’s immense choice of materials and products, architects can easily spend too much of their time specifying. The Hub has simplified this process by making a pre-selection and instead of researching online, architects are here invited to discover materials in real life, not only through samples, but with uplifting installations merging the different brands.

Hardware is an essential part of the house and therefore needs to be specified at the outset of a project, just like wooden floors. Guided by the material knowledge and advice from Vervloet, architects can design their own project and vision, feeling assured that the look and touch of the product is up to standard.

Vervloet welcomes all professionals to set up an appointment at our new Antwerp showroom, The Hub. 

The Hub Antwerp 

Jos Smolderenstraat 48 

B 2000 Antwerp

All photos by Cafeine