With more than a century of experience, Maison Vervloet successfully marries local craftsmanship with an international reach. They lead projects worldwide - small to large - from their atelier in Brussels. Whether you are looking for a decorative hardware object with a unique signature to ennoble your project, or simply want to replace a lost cabinet handle, you can turn to Maison Vervloet. This family owned company has the rare talent to make any design dream possible, while staying true to their own handmade signature.

My father handed down to me my aesthetic sensitivity, his passion for art and culture. When I was a child, his travels and the sites for which he provided items red my imagination. I have never forgotten this childhood dream.

Isabelle Hamburger

People often underestimate the influence of little things. That’s not surprising. Life is full of detail, but rarely directs us towards it. For those who want to rediscover the beauty in the detail, Maison Vervloet is the place to visit. Tucked away in an old, industrial building, this Belgian company is one of Europe’s few remaining manufacturers of high end decorative hardware. eir handcrafted, bespoke pieces range from handles for doors,windows and furniture, to any precious metal accessory that nishes your interior. 

Since 1905, their masters-creators have been building an unparalleled collection of more than 45,000 handcrafted pieces in numerous artistic styles, from Louis XIV to Art Deco to contemporary design. All pieces were created for projects all over the world, ranging from private residences, yachts and embassies to royal palaces, auction houses and major museums.


Our Craftman workshop creates exclusive decorative hardware in brass or bronze and favors bespoke and limited series. Every piece is handcrafted individually by our Craftsmen; whose passion is to create each day with extreme rigor unique pieces, luxury and real objects of art.

Handmade for hands

What is special about the products is the noble nature of the materials from which they are made, mostly allies such as brass, bronze and nickel silver. Another rare feature is that they are made in their Brussels premises by twenty or so craftspeople, each of which specialized in one of the 17 manual processes that represent the production stages of an item. 
Once a piece has been poured and removed from the mould, the unfinished piece needs to go through a series of beautifying operations: Filing, engraving, adjusting, polishing and degreasing. All of these processes are transmitted and improved from generation to generation and, most surprisingly, all of the tools used are made by their own craftspeople, improved and adapted for each special case.


You can dive into our existing catalogue of more than 45000 pieces sorted in 12 different decorative styles (from Gothic to Contemporary) or benefit of our customized services: reproduce an own existing piece, adapt a piece of our catalogue, or even demand a unique item.

A handle properly fixed is a happy one

You can draw your own object, even the most imaginative, that we will help you to develop and produce. Such specific orders represent a real challenge that we enjoy meeting and represents an occasion to use our ancient techniques and demonstrate the exceptional flexibility of our service. As final touch we offer the possibility to apply coatings on the initial material, no fewer than 20 shades each of which can be modulated from light to dark.

Nothing more important than a house in a good mood. 

Isabelle Hamburger